Arctic Quest
In 2006, twenty-five artists marked the 100th anniversary of Amundsen’s 1906 navigation through the Northwest passage with a journey of their own.
Painting shown is part of the Vancouver Maritime Museum's permanent collection.
Margaret Florence Ludwig AOCA
Painting by Margaret Florence LudwigArtist's statement

The World is very Different Now
Climates are changing, the animals are decreasing in numbers and the earth is shifting. We must realize now that these are the terrible results of Global Warming. The melting icebergs and ice floes where the seals, whales and bears live and feed is fast disappearing. So, if you do not wish to attend the funeral of the last bear in about seventy years, we MUST act now!

Iceberg in Lancaster Sound
9" x 12"
Oil on Canvas


Margaret Florence LudwigAll of my life, I have either drawn or painted. I began painting when I was eight years old. In Grade 7, a prize for a poster contest in Central Ontario was a great inspiration for me.

After graduating from High School, I came to Toronto from Peterborough, Ontario to attend the Ontario College of Art. I studied there from 1947 and graduated in 1951.

My two great loves are painting in the freedom of the outdoors, which I enjoy as well as from the model or figure drawing. Burleigh Falls near Peterborough, Ontario, where I was born has become my favourite source of inspiration in Ontario.

Working “en plein aire” is a thrilling and exciting experience. It is quite intriguing when you catch the moment of a painting with its beautiful and magnificent scenery surrounding you. Nature can never be repeated or caught by a camera. Snow, wind, ice and the searing sun are the elements that transform nature, as I see it, into vibrant and exciting paintings.

Baffin Island, Newfoundland, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Greenland, USA and Mexico are the sources of many of my works. I have also been very fortunate to travel on recent trips to the Arctic, Antarctic and several areas of the United States of America as well as across Canada and Greenland. My latest canvasses depict the majesty and awe of the Arctic and Antarctic, with their magnificent icebergs and snow-capped mountains.

I belong to the Arts & Letters Club, The Portrait Society of Canada, The Heliconian Club of Toronto, Canada as well as being represented by many galleries in Ontario. Please see my website for further details and paintings:

Robert Henri stated in his book that one must paint every day because one does not know when the masterpiece will occur. It is an uncontrollable force. We always strive to do better, repeat and create a masterpiece better than the time before.

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